Biological Soil Faculty

 Department of the Physiology and Psychophysiology



Murik Sergey E.

Scientific Work

The subject of my scientific work is studying of  the neural mechanisms of   motivations and emotions. The basic methods that I use are electroencephalography, registering of the direct current potential of the brain and electrostimulation. As a result of my experimental and theoretical investigations I created my own hypothesis of a neuronal mechanism of the motivation and emotion, which I presented in recently written doctors thesis The Role of Changes of the Functional State of the Brain Neurons in a Neurophysiological Mechanism of   Motivation and Emotion. According to my hypothesis, the motivation and emotion originate (spring up, emerge) in the sensory systems of body and are associate with the stationary (steady) polarization processes in the perceptive neurons.

In addition, I have worked out a new electrophysiological method of valuing (assessing) of the metabolic and functional state of the brain cells based on the complex registration of the direct current potential level of the brain and electroencephalogram. 

         Now I plan to defend my doctors thesis.   I have to find the Science Council in  physiology which there is no one in Siberia.