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Murik Sergey E.

On possible use of oculography in the system of eye movement control

The oculography is a well known method for assessment of eye movement reactions. However, no systems have been developed at present for registration of eye movement on the basis of oculography, which could be practically used, in particular, in control systems. It could be possibly explained by the absence of simple and accurate algorithms of treatment of changes in the oculographic potential.

The modelling of projections of dipole of eyes during their movements for possible ways of removing made it possible for us to create an oculographic system with the use of multichannel amplifier of direct current (made by an engineer Antoshkin B.N.), which reflects eye movement in a computer screen in the regime of real time. To analyse the oculographic porential, an algorithm of treatment of the potential simultaneously from some (from 2 up to 4) removings was used. The origical localization of removed electrodes combined with the use of algoriths of treatment could provide a comprehensive information of tracing and convergent-divergent movement of eyes.

Fig 1 shows a trajectory of concomitant eye movement restored by the oculographic potential registered simultaneously from two removings. A person tested changed over its glance from the point of fixation in the centre of the field of version to different directions of 10 and back. It is possible to restore the movement of each eye particular by the use of 4th removings.

The system developed can be used for diagnostics of functional states , pathologies in eye-movement system, as well as in control devices. In particular we have obtained the first positive results of the control with the help of eye movement of the position of a mouse marker on a computer screen.

You can get acquainted in details with the system in the Physiology Department of the Irkutsk State University.

Fig. 1. A trajectory of eye movement restored by the oculogram.


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